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Olivier Thereaux

New address, same old face

Photo: hotel new seeds

Happy 2010! This site isn't quite dead, although I do post a little more often on my “work” blog than here. Photos of Malaysia and Barcelona will be appearing here soon.

This Web space is about 10 years old now (I started using it in 1998, but the oldest post still on display is from October 2000…) so I figured it was about time I moved it to a new address. Hence, yoda.zoy.org becomes ot.zoy.org, and the old moniker no-one uses any more fades into old memories. As for the site itself, nothing else has changed – same ol' design, same photos…




Quelques jours à visiter tant de quartiers de Barça que l'on finit par se dire qu'après tout, on pourrait y vivre.

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The Art of No


Years ago, when I was part of an improv theatre group, we had to abide strictly by one rule: never say "no", but rather, always say "yes, and". The rule was meant to ensure that no-one would kill the flow of improvisation and that everyone's effort would serve to push the skit further and further forward. The "yes, and" rule has been wonderful guidance for my communication style ever since: whenever I stuck to it, I found that I would resolve conflicts and get teams moving forward much easier.

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