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My slow goodbye to Instagram

For the past two years or so I have been using Instagram. I am now leaving it. My way.

away, slowly - a snail

Away, slowly

It is worth noting, both for the sake of accuracy and that of history, what I mean by "using Instagram". I do intend to have this entry up for a while, ideally until such a time when few people, if any, will remember it in the same way as they remember that singing kid in the late 80s who had a massive hit and then disappeared forever. We're all certain he grew up to be a healthy, well adjusted adult. But I digress.

Instagram was, and still is at the time of this writing, a collection of fairly different things:

I loved instagram, not for any of those features in particular.

… But the combination of those four features was brilliant, and it was what made Instagram "work for me".

Color machine

Color machine

And yet I am leaving Instagram. Not so much because the company managing the service acted like foolish jerks in their belated quest for a viable model for their business. It was almost coincidental. It was time.

My decision was not motivated by anger. And it did not feel quite right to just delete my account, safe in the knowledge that unlike many other such services, Instagram had graciously let me access and backup all my data, through the years.

I could have let it fossilise. stop using it. Leave my content there. Read only. I chose to let it rust.

No more coating. No new content. I still use the application, albeit less often now that it has moved away from its prominent location in the "home screen". I still look at photos my friends take, but I have started unfollowing on instagram the people who double-post onto other services I also consult, such as Flickr. I let it rust. I make it rust. Every time I use the application to scroll through its visual stream, I take a few extra minutes to delete 5 or 10 of the photos I took in the past two years; at semi-random, but I tend to keep the photos that I, or that my contacts, liked a lot.

The sheen of always new is turning into the patina of old and curated. 140 photos remain, to this day. Soon it will be crumbling away to near nothingness. And then one day I will simply stop using it, cast away the application. Perhaps I might (try to) delete my account. Perhaps I will leave it there.

I like rust.



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