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Olivier Thereaux

Going to Paris Web 2010!

Here are three reasons why I am completely in love with the team behind the Paris Web 2010 conference.

They specifically allow multiple proposals in their call for speakers

This is good news for people like me, constantly shifting between disciplines and generally pursuing several big topics of interest at a time. I’d not had a chance so far to go to the conference: even though the paper I co-authored last year had been selected, I eventually ran into some schedule conflict and the other co-author went and delivered alone. This explicit invitation to submit multiple entries meant that I could suggest a conference on innovation, a mini-conference about web standards adoption, and a workshop on ubiquitous techs, and not worry about which would be more appropriate than the others.

They didn’t flinch when they saw me sending in different topics

In retrospect, I should probably have guessed that they were expecting experts to suggest several sessions in different formats (conference, workshop, mini-conference) in the same area of interest. This is how the amazing Denis will be presenting three different sessions on Web Accessibility throughout the conference.

They’re inviting me to speak!

I will be giving a talk-discussion on the challenges of innovation in an organization dedicated to keeping its staff busy and productive – a great excuse to talk about innovation, its history, the frameworks that work, those that don’t…

See you there!




Eté 2010.

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