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Olivier Thereaux

Men at Work

The back-alley of my Montreal appartment has been, for the past month, an observation deck to the work of three different crews adding an extra floor to buildings on the other side of the alley – going from two storeys to the more Montreal-usual three.

The whole spectacle is rather fascinating: the grunts, curses and shouting. How bricks and planks are neatly piled onto a shelf ingeniously sliding on a ladder. How the work area is protected from the occasional outbursts of bad weather that are bound to happen in the span of a few weeks.

Most enlightening is the realization that in order to add a new floor to a building, one mainly has to add a new roof.


Going to Paris Web 2010!


Three reasons why I am completely in love with the team behind the Paris Web 2010 conference

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Fixing the Bus System


After moving on my own to 4 large cities in the past 15-ish years, and visiting quite a few more, I can start to list a number of behavior patterns which say a lot about myself, obviously, but also about the urban systems. As a puzzled, stressed and curious newcomer, whether I quickly and fully embrace a system, or whether I avoid it for a long time is an interesting measure of how “usable” the system is. Take public transportation for example.

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